Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some thoughts about SoundMUD 0.13

SoundMUD 0.13 had the following:
- the client-side assets (sounds, ...) could be updated automatically
- the admin could alter the world without restarting the server
- the admin could have an overview of the world, including the location of the monsters and players
- it was possible to keep some mystery about the world

While these features fascinate the admin, the player doesn't notice much.

Actually, having a persistent world requires maintenance, so even the admin isn't that much pleased. And MMORPGs like World of Warcraft don't fascinate me anymore.

That's why I thought about:
- allowing players to start their servers
- focusing on single player gameplay (but trying to keep the separation between server and client).

Another problem is that while I tried to clean up the code, the result is not necessarily better. I might have added even more complexity. I'm not sure to be able to go much farther.

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